Myths have always fascinated me, all those legends created around campfires and hearths by normal men and women who still believed in pure magic.  Once they were based on facts and people that really lived, such as kings, princesses, or warriors of every race.  As time went on these ancient men and women were turned into gods and goddesses or demi-gods because of their willingness and ability to do what had to be done.  Time has forgotten the original people who gave the names of the deities and other people’s stories were probably credited to the gods and goddesses that were being formed.  The evil villains probably grew from regular humans or creatures of the imagination turned into deities themselves or cursed offspring.  The reality didn’t matter to the warriors getting courage from their gods the day before a raid or battle, or mothers telling their children tales to make them fear doing wrong just as we no longer want to hear the stories of the real people who did what had to be done with no help from the gods against adversaries that were scary but not born of gods or goddesses.  There comes a time when reality will ruin the illusion and all that really matters is the story.


I know that there are things I can’t explain and there is always some truth to the stories we now call myths, but here, here in my kingdom the story is the focus.  Welcome to Lydia’s Magical Kingdom where the myth is made into wearable art.  Come and forget reality for a little while you let the myth carry you away.  Welcome to my kingdom and enjoy the stories of ages past.

The first necklace in my store