Who am I?

I have been making jewelry on and off for at least eight years and I love watching things go from idea to creation, even if the process can be tedious.  I also love stories.  My mom used to complain whenever I went to the library after school because she knew I’d be entranced in a book for hours and my chores would slip.  History has always been my addiction. I love learning how things got done before all of this automated technology and the romance of forgotten times and people.  I can’t wait to put some of those characters and eras into wearable art for others to enjoy as well.

I am currently working in the Navy and stationed in Japan so my hours are rather sporadic.  Luckily for me, a friend in Minnesota, USA has agreed to do my shipping so my jewelry gets to people on time. However, my travels have given me experience with a lot of cultures and access to a lot of different beads and techniques.  I plan to create a lot of different jewelry pieces with techniques like Japanese braiding, decorative chain maille from around the world, and knots from different cultures and sailors throughout history.

I hope you enjoy my jewelry and their stories as much as I love creating them.